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Here are 4 wise tips for choosing a gadget for children

Inevitably, the generation of our children was born along with the development of gadgets. Not surprisingly, many young children are better at using gadgets than their parents.
We can benefit from technological advancements to help children learn. If we wisely choose gadgets for children, the existence of technology will not be a boomerang for our families.

1. Don’t be lulled by the gadget features
The first step to wisely choosing a gadget for children is to give consideration to the function of the gadget for children. Do not let us buy a sophisticated gadget that most of its features are not needed by children.
Why pay dearly for something we don’t need?
Can begin with the question: What is the function of the gadget? Is it for entertainment, learning, or just for communication devices?
Then, plan the use from the beginning. For example, about the gadget usage schedule, which is allowed and not to be done with the gadget, or the target of learning gadgets.

2. Review the features
In a new gadget, there are always features that are automatically installed there. Research, what features are there? Whether the child will use the feature or not.
For features to be installed, first check the age rating. Glancing at an application is not enough. If necessary, you need to try it one by one to be sure that the child will eat healthy things in it.

3. Understand how to use the “Parental Control” feature
Before giving a gadget to a child, make sure you can use the parental control feature. This feature serves to protect children from various crimes on the internet.
You can check what pages he opens and with anyone he interacts on the internet. The internet is a place where sexual predators roam.

4. Prioritize family warmth
We recommend that you need to delay yourself to provide gadgets to children if they are not sure of the benefits for the benefit of the family. Don’t let this smart phone and various sophisticated equipment take away the warmth of your family.

Choose a gadget that not only offers entertainment and interactive features. But it also has educational and functional values ​​for the benefit of the family. Things that need to be considered, too, do not let the gadget take the baby’s rest time.
Limiting use according to age is important for children’s mental and intellectual development. Don’t forget, your child still needs to play outside the house to train his motorbike.
be careful also with visibility and exposure to light from the gadget huh. Because it can adversely affect children’s eye health. What is wise to choose a gadget for your child?