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Tips for Caring for Android Gadgets to Last

This time we will discuss tips or tutorials so that the gadget you have can be more durable or durable in a simple way. Our guide this time is intended for users of Android Gadgets who still do not know how to care for your favorite gadget. Android is one of the operating systems that have been widely used throughout the world, even almost everyone has it, a simple system that can be developed into the latest version makes it one of the most popular among gadget users.

A smart phone that has many trustworthy features and is able to facilitate the user in doing everything. One example we can track the location that we are taking is located in a particular city or just play a game to remove the boredom to wait for a long queue for example or other things. But along with the continuous use which in the end we unknowingly can cause damage which can result in performance being less than optimal in running the operating system.

Departing from this phenomenon, it is fitting for users of this operating system to understand how to take care of Android so that it does not require you to replace it. Especially for maintenance is also not difficult, because some elements or parts of this cellphone are very easy to maintain. Here are some guidelines on how to take care of Android gadgets to be more durable and durable.

• Screen Care
The advantages of technology that uses a touch screen is that it initially makes it easy for users, but not a few usera touch it very hard and are more likely to be rude. Even if this happens continuously it will cause the sensor under the Android Gadget screen to weaken so that the response will be weaker. so that it doesn’t happen, Avoid or do not remove the existing screen protector, or if you don’t already have one, please buy and install it because this is very useful.

• Casing treatment.
To be able to protect the android from damage due to impact or from dust, can be overcome by using the casing or protector that is in the nearest store. Even better, this casing is sold with a variety of interesting models. Without ignoring the various features available on the cellphone such as cable and others. Ask the party who sells, what type of casing is the best in providing this protection.

• Battery Nurse.
The battery functions to run all android applications is designed to have a long durability. However, even though like this, if used continuously for example playing games or browsing will have a bad impact on the battery performance itself. Those are some ways we can do to keep our gadgets from getting damaged quickly. There are so many tips on caring for the gadget, thank you.
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Here are 4 wise tips for choosing a gadget for children

Inevitably, the generation of our children was born along with the development of gadgets. Not surprisingly, many young children are better at using gadgets than their parents.
We can benefit from technological advancements to help children learn. If we wisely choose gadgets for children, the existence of technology will not be a boomerang for our families.

1. Don’t be lulled by the gadget features
The first step to wisely choosing a gadget for children is to give consideration to the function of the gadget for children. Do not let us buy a sophisticated gadget that most of its features are not needed by children.
Why pay dearly for something we don’t need?
Can begin with the question: What is the function of the gadget? Is it for entertainment, learning, or just for communication devices?
Then, plan the use from the beginning. For example, about the gadget usage schedule, which is allowed and not to be done with the gadget, or the target of learning gadgets.

2. Review the features
In a new gadget, there are always features that are automatically installed there. Research, what features are there? Whether the child will use the feature or not.
For features to be installed, first check the age rating. Glancing at an application is not enough. If necessary, you need to try it one by one to be sure that the child will eat healthy things in it.

3. Understand how to use the “Parental Control” feature
Before giving a gadget to a child, make sure you can use the parental control feature. This feature serves to protect children from various crimes on the internet.
You can check what pages he opens and with anyone he interacts on the internet. The internet is a place where sexual predators roam.

4. Prioritize family warmth
We recommend that you need to delay yourself to provide gadgets to children if they are not sure of the benefits for the benefit of the family. Don’t let this smart phone and various sophisticated equipment take away the warmth of your family.

Choose a gadget that not only offers entertainment and interactive features. But it also has educational and functional values ​​for the benefit of the family. Things that need to be considered, too, do not let the gadget take the baby’s rest time.
Limiting use according to age is important for children’s mental and intellectual development. Don’t forget, your child still needs to play outside the house to train his motorbike.
be careful also with visibility and exposure to light from the gadget huh. Because it can adversely affect children’s eye health. What is wise to choose a gadget for your child?
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